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A hookah is a water pipe in which flavored tobacco is smoked in various flavors. Meanwhile, there are shishas in countless designs to buy, which are tailored to the different needs of buyers. moreShisha Heaven is the Swiss paradise for shishas, hookah tobacco and accessories. No matter if you are looking for a cheap complete set, a travel shisha or a premium shisha, in our store you will find a handpicked assortment of high quality products. Are you unsure which hookah suits you best? We are happy to support you in buying a hookah and recommend tasty tobaccos, long-burning charcoal and helpful accessories.

Our Top 10 Complete sets Shisha To Go Blow Off Shishas Shisha tobacco Tobacco head Essay Coal Accessories

A hookah is a water pipe in which flavored tobacco in different flavorsis smoked . Read more.Meanwhile, there are shishas in countless designs to buy, which are tailored to the different needs of buyers. Shisha Heaven is the Swiss paradise for shishas, hookah tobacco and accessories. No matter if you are looking for a cheap complete set, a travel shisha or a premium shisha, in our store you will find a handpicked assortment of high-quality products. Are you unsure which hookah suits you best? We are happy to support you in buying a hookah and recommend tasty tobaccos, long-burning charcoal and helpful accessories.

Our Top 10 Shisha To Go Complete sets Blow Off Shishas Shisha tobacco Tobacco head Essay Coal Accessories

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CHF 67.90

Aladin Alux 380 Black - the high-quality aluminum hookah with a height of 38 cm.


Moze | Breeze Two - Wavy Mint

CHF 179.90

The Wavy Mint sets beautiful accents on the smoke column & mouthpiece in the color turquoise.

CHF 89.90

Experience the blue price miracle with this cheap aluminum hookah.

CHF 179.90

Treat yourself to the popular hookah in a cool frosted glass design.

CHF 89.90

The Aladin Alux 5 line stands for high quality aluminum shishas with a top price performance.

CHF 99.00

Do you also see the silver lining on the horizon? Buy the Aladin MVP 360 Silver Ring.

CHF 109.00

This advice is worth its weight in gold: buy the beautiful Aladdin MVP 360 Gold Ring now.

CHF 67.90

An inexpensive entry-level hookah with a base in the unique colors marble white.

CHF 89.90

Alux 5 Red - Bring the beauty of this inexpensive shisha in red to your home.

CHF 114.90

You got the Flower? The Aladin MVP 470 enchants with its beautiful drop design.


Moze | Breeze Two - Wavy Blue

CHF 179.90

Blue like the waves in the sea: the sleeves of the Breeze Two Wavy Blue.

CHF 429.90

It hardly gets any classier: The Premium Shisha Steamluation Pro X III in the Black Matt version.

CHF 39.90

Technology in the smallest space offers the P1 in the color khaki.

CHF 149.90

Blows you away too: the 10 different blow off variants of the Aladin Epox.

CHF 149.90

Large 4-hose hookah at a low price: Aladin MVP 670 Wave.

CHF 99.00

With this blue beauty you still want to exchange rings.

CHF 179.90

One hookah - 4 blow offs: The cult Hookah Moze Breeze Two in Original Black.

CHF 429.90

The crystal clear top 4 tube hookah from Steamulation: Pro X III Crystal.

CHF 269.90

The perfect spring into your shisha session: Mamay Coilover Micro in the color blue.

CHF 229.90

The baby from the Steamulation family, which is in no way inferior to its siblings.

CHF 89.90

Despite the gold look, this Aladdin hookah can be bought at an unbeatable price.

CHF 179.90

This Moze Breeze with a subtle dash of pink is a real eye-catcher.

CHF 179.90

Lots of spirit for your next session: The Moze Breeze in red color.

CHF 29.90

Hellish pleasure on the go: Aladin 2Go in the color red.

CHF 159.90

Looks like a volcano - smokes like a volcano: Aladin Epox 425 Magma Crystal.

CHF 149.90

A sleeve in blue gives this Epox with Pattern Base the unique look.

CHF 179.90

Purple is your favorite color? Treat yourself to the purple version of the Moze Breeze today.

What is a shisha?

A hookah is a water pipe in which flavored shisha tobacco is heated by coal and the smoke is drawn through a bowl filled with water. What started in India in the 16th century became a real trend in Europe in the 20th century. Shisha smoking is now commonplace in cafes and bars in our latitudes, and many Swiss people now buy their own shisha for home use. Smoking flavored tobacco from a pipe with a few friends is for many an integral part of a fulfilling leisure time.

buy shisha

Which shisha to buy?

what types of shisha are there

Different types of hookah

  • 1. classic shishas

    Classic shishas are often characterized by an unadorned bowl and are less wide than many modern shishas. Traditional water pipes run pointedly in the height without growing in width. Despite the narrow width, there is no lack of stability, because the bowls are often made of heavy glass. The smoke columns often come in curved oriental-looking shapes and are not infrequently held in gold and silver. The charcoal plate of this hookah can be flower-like curved, star-shaped jagged or classically round. You want to buy a classic Hookah? Our specialists will be happy to advise you personally on questions about products and shipping.

  • 2. traditional hookahs

    Traditional shishas are also called "Tradis" and come in a classic, oriental design and are somewhat reminiscent in look and feel of the countries of origin of the hookah such as Turkey and Egypt. Thanks to their magnificent golden decorations, the Arabian origin is unmistakable in the traditional shisha. Richly decorated charcoal plates, elaborately designed bowls and smoke columns and, last but not least, mouthpieces decorated with gold rims make traditional hookahs particularly desirable among lovers of noble design.

  • 3. modern shishas

    A modern hookah differs significantly from a traditional hookah. Materials such as wood, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome steel or carbon and also high-quality plastics are used and a bowl no longer has to have a round shape. Today, there is hardly any limit to the creativity of hookah designers. Fluorescent hookah hoses, hookah heads made of silicone, square bowls and smoke columns in colored metal or rainbow hues give the modern hookah a contemporary touch. You want to buy a modern shisha, but are unsure which model suits you best? Scroll through our Shisha Shop and you will soon find a pipe that appeals to you.

  • 4. premium shishas

    Premium Shishas are built to perfection from especially high-quality materials and impress with their well thought-out product design and high functionality. You want a shisha that looks stunningly good and offers a smoking experience at the highest level? Then you will be impressed by the premium hookahs in our online store. Quality has its price, this applies equally to hookahs, tobacco heads and charcoal. The price of a premium hookah can well exceed CHF 300. But we are of the opinion that this investment is worth it in the end. Because with a high class hookah you not only have more fun, it will also give you significantly longer pleasure, because the materials are made of stainless steel, carbon and crystal glass and the workmanship is professional. You can find luxurious hookahs in our store under the heading Premium. We will be happy to advise you personally and give you information about the article of your choice as well as conditions for shipping and delivery.

  • 5. cheap shishas

    We also have hookahs for the small purse in our online store. For those who still have little experience with hookah smoking, the purchase of an cheap hookah makes sense. We have compiled water pipes in our assortment, which offer a very good price / performance ratio. So you get a lot of hookah for your money. Browse through our catalog of affordable shisha and stock up on all the accessories you need for an unadulterated smoking experience. Tip: Also take a look at our Shisha complete sets. They contain all components (some incl. coal and coal lighter), which it needs to smoke and at a very reasonable price!

  • 6. shisha to go

    Especially when traveling, at a festival or outdoors on a warm summer evening at the lake, smoking a hookah would be particularly suitable. But most of the commercial models are large, bulky and sometimes very heavy and even fragile. Travel Shishas or also called Shisha To Go are the perfect solution for this case. They are designed to be as small as possible, extremely light and sometimes come in handy packaging cases. A Shisha to go can smoke just as well as a classic Hookah. So don't be put off by the size and enjoy the advantages of these little all-rounders.

  • What should you look for when buying a hookah?

    Shisha with question mark

    Ask yourself the following questions before you decide on an item: 

    Price - What should the pipe cost, including accessories?

    Shisha quality - How long should the product last?

    Buy complete set or individual components?

    Are there any brands that particularly appeal to you?

    Which materials do you prefer? Aluminum, stainless steel or carbon?

    The following criteria should be considered when buying a hookah:

    Quality has its price. Rather pay a little more for a good product that will give you pleasure for a long time

    Does the hookah have a good stand (weight / support surface)?

    How many people should be able to smoke at the same time? (Number of hose connections, size of the hookah bowl)

    Is the inner tube of the smoke column made of stainless steel?

    Can the hookah base be attached to the bowl with a screw thread, click lock or plug lock?

    Do the valve connections have a thread?

    Are the sealing rings of high quality and supple?

    Are the metal parts of high quality?

    Quality and price

    Shisha can also be bought in Switzerland at different prices. A cheap entry-level hookah is already available for under 100 francs, Shisha To Go even cheaper. Even if there are inexpensive products with a good price-performance ratio, it is obvious that high-quality products also cost a little more. Since we are friends of long-lasting products, which are fun to use for many months and years before they are thrown away, we recommend you to buy a really well-made hookah. Check out our Top 15 Shishas and choose a model that suits you.

    Components of a hookah

    Shisha components

    Components of a hookah

  • 1. bowl

    The bowl, which is almost always made of glass, is filled with water until the lower end of the dip tube is 1.5 to 2cm under water. As the smoke is drawn through the water of the bowl, it cools down. Contrary to common public opinion, the water does not have a purifying effect on the smoke, only a cooling one. Under this heading you can buy a buy a replacement bowlin case yours broke.

  • 2. the immersion tube

    The dip tube directs the hot smoke under the water to cool it down. Often a diffuser is attached to the dip tube, which minimizes the bubbling noise of the hookah.

  • 3. the base

    The base is virtually the basis of the hookah and is attached to the bowl with a twist or click closure. Many Russian models also use a plug closure. The connections and valves for the hookah hoses are attached to the base. There are models with 1 to 4 hose connections. Cafés and hookah bars usually carry hookahs with a hose connection in their assortment. This allows the bars to sell each customer their own pipe. Those who want to smoke hookah at home with several friends are well advised to use a hookah with several hose connections, as it guarantees pleasant smoking pleasure for several people.

  • 4. the shisha hose

    The hookah hose is attached to the base and is equipped with a mouthpiece at the other end, which the smoker pulls. In hookahs with multiple connections, special ball valves prevent the pipe from pulling and remaining tight even when operated with only one smoker. Very popular are mouthpieces that can be cooled. So-called Ice Bazookas can be placed in the freezer and then cool the smoke significantly. Tip: Take a look at our Hose Setsin which hose and mouthpiece are optimally matched to each other.

  • 5. the column of smoke

    The smoke column extends from the base through the coal plate up to the head. The shisha head is attached to the smoke column with an adapter.

  • 6. the coal plate

    The coal plate is placed on the smoke column and is located under the tobacco head of the hookah. The function of the ash plate can be easily derived from the name. It is used to catch flying ash so that it does not contaminate the base of the shisha.

  • 7. the molasse catcher

    The Molasses trap is an intermediate piece which is attached to the smoke column by means of a ground joint. The product, which is usually made of glass, is constructed in such a way that molasses from the shisha tobacco that runs down gets stuck in the molasses catcher. This prevents molasses from entering the smoke column and reaching the bowl.

  • 8. the shisha head

    The shisha head or also called tobacco head is one of the most important elements of a shisha. Here it is decided whether the shisha tobacco is burned or glowed and the taste of the flavors in the tobacco can be passed on extensively. There are various different heads and head designs, which we show you in detail in our section "Shisha head" have described.

  • 9. shisha tobacco

    In addition to the tobacco head, the shisha tobacco is of course also crucial for the smoking experience. Today, countless different flavors are smoked and tobacco is available in both the mild Virginia and the stronger Dark Blend variety or in a mixture of both. It is hardly possible to say which tobacco is the best. Because ultimately, the flavors remain a matter of individual taste. Here you can find our Top 20 Shisha Tobacco Varieties.

  • 10. shisha essay

    The hookah attachment is made with either aluminum foil and a charcoal screen, a chimney or a smokebox or heat management device. The hookah attachment serves as a tight closure of the tobacco head and provides space to place the glowing charcoal. Usually, natural charcoal made from coconut is used, which brings the best heat properties. Alternatively Natural charcoal from bamboo or self-lighter coal can be used.

  • Shisha Heaven - the swiss online store for Hookahs

    In our Swiss online store we offer shishas, shisha tobacco, coal and various accessories at particularly top prices. We keep our assortment deliberately small, but try to offer especially what we have tested ourselves and found good. The Hookah culture is an integral part of our lives and our long-standing passion. No matter if you are looking for a special offer for a pipe or if you want to store for new tobacco. With us you will find the best products from established manufacturers at attractive conditions. If you order before 13.00 o'clock (MO - FR) we guarantee you the dispatch on the same day. So you have the delivery already on the next working day in the mailbox. We will be happy to advise you at [email protected] personally.