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With us you can buy high-quality hookah tobacco, which perfectly fits your preferences. Do you like fruity flavors like apple, raspberry and lemon or do you prefer fancy flavors like dragon fruit, iced tea or bubble gum? more Shisha Heaven is your paradise for hookah tobacco and offers you a wide range of currently popular manufacturers and brands. Order today (Mon-Thu) until 1 pm fresh tobacco in your flavor online and enjoy tomorrow already relaxed.

Creamy Fruity Drinks Cool & Refreshing Acid Sweet Spicy Rapper tobacco Nicotine-free

With us you can buy high quality hookah tobacco, which perfectly fits your preferences. Do you like fruity flavors like apple, raspberry, moreand lemon or do you prefer fancy flavors like dragon fruit, iced tea or bubble gum? Shisha Heaven is your paradise for hookah tobacco and offers you a wide range of currently popular manufacturers and brands. Order fresh tobacco in your flavor online today (Mon-Thu) until 1 pm and enjoy it tomorrow.

Creamy Fruity Drinks Cool & Refreshing Acid Sweet Spicy Rapper tobacco Nicotine-free

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CHF 39.00

African Queen by O's is considered one of the best fruit mix tobaccos on the market.

CHF 24.90

A Perfect summer blend of juicy watermelon and fresh mint.

Honeydew melon, passion fruit, watermelon

Love 66 (200g) | Adalya Tobacco

CHF 39.00

The fruit mix tobacco Love 66 is the top seller of the Turkish manufacturer Adalya.

CHF 39.00

Get the legendary black grape tobacco from Nameless with Black Nana.

Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Mango

Twisted (100g) | Social Smoke tobacco

CHF 24.90

Dance the twist with the ultimate fruit mix tobacco from Social Smoke Tobacco.

CHF 39.00

Al Massive brings you home one of the best berry smoking experiences with Blue Light.

CHF 24.90

Born in the USA: Lemon Chill with lemon flavor and cold mint.

Blueberry, raspberry, grape

Baja Blue (100g) | Social Smoke tobacco

CHF 24.90

Excellent blend of blueberries, raspberries & grapes with chocolate kick.

CHF 39.00

Get the ultimate mint kick with great smoke development with the Mint by Adalya.

CHF 39.00

Now put your feet in the sand and enjoy the exotic scent of the wide world.

CHF 39.00

Fresh passion fruit and peach are the successful duo of this noble tobacco creation. 

Mango, passion fruit, menthol

Mango Tango Ice (200g) | Adalya Tobacco

CHF 39.00

Dance the Adalya Tango with mango tropical fruit aroma and cool mint.

Honeydew melon, Passion fruit, Menthol, Watermelon

Love Story (200g) | True Passion Tobacco

CHF 39.00

Has your old love gone up in smoke? Then get yourself a can of Love Story now!

lychee, mango, passion fruit, rose

African King (200g) | O's tobacco

CHF 39.00

African King or African Queen? Which is the best fruit mix tobacco in the world?

CHF 39.00

Off to the red light district of Hamburg: Red Light District with cherry and banana flavor.

CHF 39.00

The Holster Yellow Punch brings you the taste of fresh iced tea in the hookah.

Pineapple, Fanta, Grapefruit, Mango

Vantanaz (200g) | Hookaine tobacco

CHF 39.00

Are you ready for a fruitastic experience? The perfect flavor for Fanta lovers.

CHF 39.00

Maghreb Gang by Farid Bang: Treat yourself to delicious flavors of strawberry and apple.

Berry mix, honeydew melon, mango

Ladykiller (200g) | Adalya Tobacco

CHF 39.00

Get the legendary Ladykiller cocktail in the form of a shisha tobacco. Cheers!

CHF 19.00

Nicotine-free berry experience of superlatives: the Hookain Intensify Stones Bärlean.

CHF 42.00

With the Aqua Mentha Pineapple you get the scent of a pineapple plantation in the hookah.

CHF 45.00

Even the apple canton of Thurgau can take a beating: Persian Apple from Chillma. 

CHF 39.00

A stunning combination of blueberries and soothingly cool mint.

CHF 39.00

Beach Vibes by 187 brings you fruity flavors directly to the dream beaches of the world.

CHF 39.00

Must have from the house Banger: The top seller Regionalliga After Game.

Pineapple, peach, lemon

Mr. John (200g) | Holster Tobacco

CHF 39.00

Pineapple, lemon and peach - perfect ingredients for a summer evening session.

CHF 39.00

Wonderfully sweet peach aroma with a dash of cooling mint.

What is hookah tobacco?

We all know it, the sweet smell of smoke, which rises to our noses in front of the hookah bars. The smoke smells like sweet apple, lemon, berries, fruit mix, cherry, menthol, mint, lime, pineapple or a hint of grapefruit. Who Shisha also needs a tobacco for smoking, which is specially made for this purpose. The high-quality shisha tobacco is mixed with intense flavorings, which provide a strong taste experience when smoking. The moist glycerin-enriched hookah tobacco is loosely filled into the tobacco head with tongs, then covered with a perforated aluminum foil, a chimney or a heat management device, on which the glowing coal is later placed. Between hookah coal and hookah tobacco is usually left between 0.5 and 1cm space. This ensures that the tobacco is only heated but not burned. Meanwhile, there are countless tobacco manufacturers, which offer tobacco varieties in various variations. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, because tastes differ. While some celebrate one type of tobacco, others do not like exactly this type at all. To find out which product tastes best to you, we recommend you to buy different varieties in small packages and mix them with your setting and hookah components to test.

Our Top Ten Shisha Tabaks

top ten shisha tobacco switzerland

Of course, the tobacco when smoking hookah is always a matter of taste and what tastes particularly good to one, triggers the other only head shaking. Since more and more people buy hookah tobacco online, clear trends can be identified. We have compiled our top 10 tobaccos, which we can recommend to you for maximum hookah enjoyment.

Brand Variety Taste
Holster Ice Kaktuz Cactus ice
Adalya Love 66 Honeydew melon, berries, passion fruit and mint
Maridan Tingle Tangle Grapefruit, lime, passion fruit and mint
O's Tabacco African Queen Fruit mix
True Passion Cinderella Honey and watermelon, mango, passion fruit and berries
187 Tobacco Hamburg Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and currants.
7Days Cold Peach Peach iced tea
True Passion Okolum Refreshing drink "Moloko
Nameless Black Nana Grape with mint
Capital Bra Yummy yummy Coconut, pistachios

Our Top 15 Shisha Tobacco Brands

There are now countless different brands and manufacturers of hookah tobacco. Especially from the German hip hop scene, more and more rappers bring their own tobacco creations to the market. Most of these so-called Rapper Tobacco Brands, but are produced under the umbrella of existing well-known producers. We have compiled the most important 15 hookah brands for you. 

Best hookah tobacco brands

  • Hookaine
  • Holster

  • Nameless Tobacco

  • 187 Street Gang Tobacco

  • Capital Bra Smoke

  • Bushido Tobacco

  • Al Massiva Tobacco

  • Social Smoke

  • Al Fakher

  • Adalya

  • True Passion

  • Maridan

  • O's Tobacco

  • 7 Days Tobacco

  • What are the ingredients of hookah tobacco?

    Ingredients hookah tobacco

    Shisha tobacco consists of the following three ingredients: Finely cut raw tobacco, which serves as a base, selected flavorings (based on molasses), which provide an intense flavor, humectants and glycerin, which provides a strong smoke. Flavored shisha tobacco is soaked in glycerin and molasses (sugar syrup) with flavorings for many days until it has absorbed the ingredients. After that, the tobacco mixture has a moisture of 20 to 40% and is thus significantly moister than, for example, commercial cigarette tobacco.

    Nicotine free shisha tobacco / tobacco substitute

    Basically, it can be said that there are no nicotine-free tobaccos (yet). But there are various tobacco substitute productswhich do not contain nicotine and can be smoked very well in hookahs. Whether you prefer menthol, mint, blueberry, peach, fruit mix, passion fruit, prickly pear, in terms of smoking pleasure, substitute products offer everything you want for shisha smoking. Among the most popular tobacco alternatives without nicotine are:

    Shisha stones / steam stones

    Shisha stones

    Shisha stones, or vapor stones, which can soak up molasses, humectant and glycerin, are vaporized by the heat of the coal like conventional tobacco products. Visually remind Steam Stones resemble a handful of damp pebbles. You can find more information in our corresponding section.

    Shisha creams and pastes

    Shisha cream

    The mass of the cream is poured directly into the tobacco head (As accessories only Phunnel or glazed heads) and provide excellent smoking properties with a particularly intense aroma when vaporized. Creams and pastes can also be smoked in the hookah as a supplement to "real" shisha tobacco. With this, however, they are of course no longer free of nicotine.

    What flavors of hookah tobacco are available?

    Berry, berry mix, fruit mix, berry, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, orange, grapefruit, passion fruit, dragon fruit, lemon, lime, apple, pear, peach, lychee, pineapple, mango, vanilla, coconut, pomegranate, honey, cherry, banana, anise, grape, gum, menthol, mint, watermelon, pistachio, mojito and iced tea.

    How much does hookah tobacco cost in Switzerland?

    Weight Price
    50g: from CHF 9.90
    100g: from CHF 24.90
    200g: from CHF 39
    250g: from CHF 49.-
    1kg: from CHF 165.-

    Tobacco tax: Almost half of the sales price in Switzerland is accounted for by tobacco tax, thanks to which, for example, 2.08 billion flowed into the AHV and IV coffers for all tobacco products in 2018. Further information: FOPH.

    What packaging units are offered?

    Shisha tobacco sizes Switzerland

    Who wants to buy hookah tobacco in an online store can usually choose from the following packaging units: 50g, 100g, 200g, 1 Kg

    How to store a hookah tobacco?

    Shisha tobacco buy online is one thing - the storage that it does not lose its freshness the other. At the latest after the first opening of the purchased tobacco tin, the question of the ideal storage arises. Because if your hookah tobacco dries out, it is practically inedible. If you have bought a small amount, which you smoke within two weeks, there will be no problems, because no mixture dries out so quickly. However, if you have a large collection of tobaccos, you may need some tins only rarely. Therefore, pay attention to the following points during storage:


    • Never store your tobacco tins on or near a heater
    • Choose a place protected from heat and light
    • The refrigerator is too humid and therefore not suitable for storage
    • Make sure that the cut is surrounded by as little air as possible
    • If necessary, use a freshness bag or freshness box

    Shisha Heaven - your swiss online store

    Shisha Heaven is your Swiss online store for hookahs, tobacco and hookah accessories. We offer you a handpicked assortment of high quality tobaccos and hookah products, which meet the highest standards. Secure top quality from the hottest brands at especially good prices in our online store. Our team is available for advice and information at the e-mail address [email protected] at your disposal! More information about nicotine addiction can be found in the following category.