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CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol and is extracted from the female flowers of hemp. Today, countless products with cannabidiol (CBD) are available on the market and the use is almost limitless. We recommend buying Swiss products, because the regional production is well monitored and the quality of the products is very high.

CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol and is extracted from the female flowers of hemp. ...read moreToday, countless products with cannabidiol (CBD) are available on the market and the use is almost limitless. We recommend buying Swiss products, because the regional production is well monitored and the quality of the products is very high.

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CHF 17.00

Intense cannabis flavor with a tart note: Kush Vape White Widow.

200 trains
40% CBD

Kush CBD Vape | Blue Dream (CBD 40% / THC 0%)

CHF 17.00

Experience your blue wonder with the Kush CBD Vape Blue Dream.

CHF 17.00

Handy CBD vape with light undertones of cognac, vanilla and citrus.

CHF 16.90

CBD, CBG and wonderful taste of blue raspberries: Canabar Blue Razz.

CHF 17.00

Lemon Heads take note: Get the delicious CBD Vape Kush Lemon Haze now.

CHF 16.90

CBD Vape with 700 puffs and delicious aroma of raspberries & pineapple.

CHF 17.00

CBD Vape with a refreshing citrus note: Kush Strawberry Banana.

CHF 16.90

Mango, guava and refreshing ICE: CBD Vape by Canabar.

CHF 17.00

Light note of sweets and fruits: Kush Vape Zkittles Special Edition.

CHF 16.90

Finally a CBD vape with the popular Pink Lemonade flavor!

CHF 16.90

CBD e-cigarette with wonderful taste of grape lemonade.

200 trains
40% CBD

Kush CBD Vape | OG Kush (CBD 40% / THC 0%)

CHF 17.00

Get this top CBD vape with notes of pine and citrus in the aroma.

CHF 34.90

Ready for a moon landing? Moonrocks CBD flowers containing up to 70% CBD!

CHF 17.00

Subtle aroma of Skunk cannabis and citrus: Kush Super Silver Haze.

CHF 17.00

Compact CBD vape with subtle chocolate/mint cookie aroma.

CHF 24.90

So your taste buds don't see black: Black Afghan CBD Hash.

CHF 14.90

Swiss CBD flowers in the practical 10g package at a preferential price.

CHF 24.90

Ensures you the best seat in the taste cinema: Kush Popcorn Mini CBD flowers.

CHF 24.90

Zero problem with flavor development: Zero Zero hash from Green Passion.

CHF 12.90

Red CBD hash at its finest: Green Passion Red Lebanese.

CHF 5.90

Top taste directly from the Swiss Alps: Alpina Green in the 2g package.

CHF 11.90

Finest Swiss CBD hashish in best quality: Zero Zero.

CHF 11.90

Black Afghan with a whopping 34% CBD content and excellent taste.

CHF 34.90

Even in Amsterdam a hit: The legendary CBD flowers Amnesia.

CHF 28.90

Intense flavor and reddish color: Green Passion Red Libanese.

CHF 69.00

Get this high quality full spectrum CBD oil with 12% CBD and less than 0.2% THC.

CHF 159.00

Very high CBD concentration at an attractive price: Qualicann Entire 34%.

CBD products

CBD products

The variety of CBD products is getting bigger and bigger. Meanwhile, hemp oil, CBD flowers to cosmetics such as creams and other products from the cosmetics. We have collected the most important hemp products with CBD in Switzerland for you.

CBD oil

CBD oil 1

The most popular CBD product in Switzerland is by far CBD oil. On the one hand, this has to do with the simple dosage of the drops, but also with the large variety of products. But how does the active ingredient CBD get into the oil? During the manufacturing process, crystalline CBD is dissolved in a carrier oil. The carrier oil can be hemp oil, but flaxseed oil or other vegetable oil is also used. Currently, the weakest dosed product has a concentration of 2%, while the strongest CBD oil available on the market has a concentration of almost 50%. In between, there is a whole range of CBD oils with the concentrations of 3%, 5%, 8%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25%.

Note: Since September 1, 2022, CBD oils and drops for oral consumption are prohibited by law in Switzerland and may no longer be sold in any store. The reason for this is that CBD has not yet been classified as a novel food. 

Packing unit of CBD oils / CBD drops

The usual packaging unit of CBD oil are dropper bottles with a pipette with a content of 100ml which corresponds to about 200 drops. Thanks to the pipette, the CBD oil can be dosed very easily in the desired amount. CBD oils are offered as fragrance oils or cosmetics. Information on the dosage of the product may not be given, as no information on oral consumption may be given. 

CBD flowers / CBD hemp

CBD flowers dried

CBD flowers could also be called "weed" or "marijuana", simply that these flowers of the female hemp plant do not produce intoxicating THC. Dried CBD flowers are suitable for smoking in cigarettes, joints, or vaporizers, or for use in scented pillows. Common hemp, which is also known as "true hemp" or "Indian hemp", is also used for CBD flowers. Unlike conventional hemp plants, the cultivated CBD flowers do not produce THC with intoxicating effects.

CBD Vapes / Vaporizers

cbd vape

A vape is another word for e-cigarettes and you can smoke CBD without tobacco consumption with the help of a vaporizer. A vaporizer uses a liquid that is vaporized on coils heated by a battery. The resulting vapor can then be inhaled, with the cannabinoids it contains entering the bloodstream through the lungs. A CBD vape is a very fast way to ingest CBD, the cannabidiol goes directly into the blood and the desired effect is immediate. With CBD drops, which are absorbed through the skin or oral mucosa or digestion, this process takes a good half hour. Also with CBD vape, the content of cannabidiol is different and you have the option to choose the dosage yourself. We offer in our online store CBD e-cigarettes in various designs, so that our customers find everything their hearts desire.

CBD Cosmetics

CBD Cosmetics

Meanwhile, there are a variety of CBD cosmetics on the market. CBD creams and ointments, face care oil, eye serum and eye creams promise a particularly good effect against wrinkles and for the care of the skin thanks to the addition of cannabidoids. The CBD content of most products is between 75 and 125mg per 30 or 50ml of liquid.

CBD in food / edibles

CBD Food

Foods containing cannabinoids were also very trendy in Switzerland and gummy bears and other edibles became more and more popular. Since 2022, however, there is a new law in Switzerland that prohibits foods containing CBD. As a result, it is not allowed to recommend oral intake of CBD oil, drops, flowers or hash. It is hoped that CBD will soon be approved as a novel food. A novel food exists if it cannot be proven that the food was already consumed to any significant extent in Switzerland or the EU before May 15, 1997. It is obvious that a food must not contain THC with psychoactive effects. In the event of approval, the Contaminants Ordinance (VHK) would also set maximum values for foodstuffs containing CBD, which must be complied with.

Not considered novel foods:

  • Hemp seed
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Hemp seed flour
  • defatted hemp seeds

CBD Medical Products

What is the difference between a drug and a medical device? Pharmaceuticals are intended for use on and in the human body AND also in animals. Medical devices, on the other hand, are only intended for use on/in the human body. In principle, medical devices can contain plant extracts. However, if the substances or concentrates contain pharmacologically active substances, the product must be classified as a medicinal product or medical device. Since a pharmacological effect is attributed to cannabidiol, this applies to CBD products.


FAQ - CBD Guide

  • What is cannabidiol?

    There are over 80 cannabinoids in the hemp plant. One of them is CBD, which is also called cannabidiol. The consumption of CBD has no psychotropic effect, as it does not contain THC. There are currently no scientific studies that animate the therapeutic potential of CBD. One can only refer to the diverse testimonials of numerous consumers who have tested products with CBD and found a positive effect on their health.

  • What is cannabinoid?

    If you examine a hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa), you will find over 100 of the so-called cannabinoids. The best known of these cannadidoids is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is responsible for the intoxicating effect of cannabis products. Another cannabidoid is CBD, which is also found in large quantities and is used in various products such as oils, flowers and creams.

  • What does full spectrum mean?

    CBD oils are often called "full spectrum", which virtually reflect the entire spectrum of the cannabis plant. The quality of the products so designated is described as particularly high quality and effective. Full spectrum CBD oil usually has a dark to golden color.

  • What are the main manufacturers of CBD products?

    Manufacturers of CBD products are now almost a dime a dozen. If you value Swiss production, you would do well to look at the products of Qualicann, Swiss Extract, Hanffabrik, Greenpassion, Herba, B-Chill, Swiss Cannabis and Dolocan.

  • What are the active ingredients in CBD?

    CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol and is one of hundreds of cannabinoids (THC is another) contained in the hemp plant. The healing properties of the active ingredient CBD are still controversial and scientifically unproven. It is to be hoped that in the future science will deal extensively with the plant and its active ingredients.

  • Does CBD make you high?

    Cannabidiol (CBD), unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), has no psychoactive effect and does not make you high. Therefore, it is not subject to the narcotics law and the consumption is not punishable.

  • How does CBD work?

    The effect of CBD is still controversial. While there are still no scientific studies that provide real clarity, there are various reports from consumers, according to which cannabidiol (CBD) is anxiety-relieving, sleep-promoting, pain-relieving and has a positive effect on the immune system. For customers there is really only one alternative: buy CBD products, test them and judge for yourself whether the desired effects occur. The Federal Office of Public Health comments on the topic via the information in the attached PDF from Swissmedic.

  • Are there any side effects?

    To date, no notable negative side effects are known when consuming CBD. Nevertheless, we always recommend to consume CBD concentrates exactly as recommended by the manufacturer.

  • How is CBD dosed correctly?

    Even though it is hardly possible to overdose on CBD, we strongly recommend following the dosage instructions of the respective supplier in any case. For an exact dosage, CBD drops are particularly suitable, which can be dosed thanks to a pipette.

  • Does CBD help with diseases?

    CBD-containing products with a medical purpose are considered medicinal products and may not be placed on the market. For the production or distribution, an authorization from Swissmedic or the canton must be available. On June 28, 2018, Epidiolex® was approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) for the first time as a CBD monopreparation. Epidiolex® is used as an adjunct in the treatment of rare forms of epilepsy and as an adjunct therapy for seizures.
    CBD is thus officially only very rarely used as a medicine against diseases. Since the effects and properties are not scientifically proven, we are not allowed to make any recommendation regarding the effects of CBD on health. We recommend that you also consult the information provided by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

  • For which symptoms can CBD be used?

    Since the effect of CBD (cannabinoid) on health or against diseases can not be scientifically proven, it is difficult to make a corresponding recommendation here. If you are looking for an alternative medicine to treat symptoms, you would do well to inform yourself on the Internet and, if desired, test the properties of the cannabis plant on your own body.

  • Where can you buy CBD in Switzerland?

    CBD can be bought in Switzerland in online stores, but also offline in various stores and also in drugstores and pharmacies. In any case, we recommend you to take advantage of a personal consultation to buy a suitable CBD product for your needs.

  • The history of the cannabis plant in Switzerland

    CBD cultivation in Switzerland

    In Switzerland, too, hemp can look back on a long history as a cultural and useful plant. In fact, Cannabis Sativa is the oldest cultivated plant of mankind and has always been used for the production of ropes, cords, canvas, clothing, paper, but also for high-quality building materials and the production of oils. Hemp was also used as a foodstuff as far back as 12,000 years ago, as hemp seeds contain a high-quality oil with many nutrients. The reason for the popularity of the plant was primarily the resilience of hemp fiber. Thanks to this property, the styles of the hemp plant can be used to make a variety of products. Early on, the medicinal benefits of cannabis flowers were also discovered. Thus, the active ingredient of the plant was applied to wounds to relieve pain as early as 2800 years before Christ. In 1925, the spread of hemp, because of the intoxicating effect was abruptly stopped when the worldwide League of Nations banned the plant. Whoever wanted to plant hemp or consume the products like hashish or marijuana after the ban, had to expect legal consequences from then on. Only when the targeted breeding of cannabis varieties without THC succeeded, the long-awaited turnaround was brought about. Today, commercial hemp is legal again in many countries and can be purchased in various forms.

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